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Our classes will really make you sweat. They're taught in a fun and motivating atmosphere by our certified personal trainers, and they're never intimidating. Sure, the classes are hard work, but your body will thank you! With a class size no greater than 10 people, it's like a group training session! We care about your form and want you to come back, so be assured you'll get a great work out no matter what level you're at. 



Check the calendar for your next class, as the schedule changes monthly!  

Classes are included in most Fuerte Fitness memberships!

Non-members can take single classes for $15, plus tax. Or purchase a punch card and drop down the price. There are many options.


Take one, or two a week and feel the results, and we can help you track those results.




(Note: classes are not always offered - please check current class schedule!) 

Abs/Core :From crunches to v-ups, planks and side bends, these 25 minutes target and tone that hard-to-firm-up mid-section. 

Speed, Agility, & Plyometrics: Ladder drills, box jumps, and sprints! Training for a sport? Or just want to get back some lost quickness and agility? This class is for you! Speed training will improve your quickness with short bursts of energy in a straight line; and agility will improve your reaction times with direction changes. Plyometric training will improve your vertical jump by focusing on exercises that train you for power and proper jump mechanic.

Boot Camp: One hour of hard work and fun held indoors & outdoors. We use bodyweight, medicine balls or what ever it takes to get you to sweat ! Perfect for all fitness levels!

Booty Bootcamp: Booty Bootcamp is a bootcamp dedicated just to the booty! If you want a booty, want to lose a booty, shape your bootie, firm your booty, lift your booy, create a booty, or simply hang out with the wonderful Fuerte community, this boot camp is for you! We will dedicate an hour to squats, lunges, intervals on a treadmill at an incline, dead-lifts, kick-backs and more to tighten up that behind!

Circuit Training: A low joint impact circuit training class great for all levels! 

Class for Starters :This 45 minute class is great for seniors or people that are new to working out. Join us! 

Core in movement: Focuses on safe body mechanics and core strength to put to use in everyday life. Test your rhythm, coordination, and proprioception with this full body workout

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT): cardio exercise that increases athletic capacity and improves glucose and fat metabolism. It involves alternating periods of short intense exercise with recovery periods--in other words: a challenging and highly effective workout that only takes a half-hour!

Kickboxing: This combined upper and lower body workout will raise your heart rate, tone your muscles and quicken your response time. You'll feel rejuvenated and powerful! 

Outdoor Sports: Starting at Fuerte Fitness, we run to Wallingford Park, and complete the rest of class outside! Get a great workout while playing some your favorite school-yard sports including dodge-ball, ultimate frisbee, etc!

Physio-Ball Workout: This series* class will focus on strength, coordination, and posture alignment. A great workout using the physio-ball! 50% off for members!

Ski Conditioning: Get in shape for the ski season! Work on balance, strength, stability, agility, and endurance. Want to survive a weekend trip at the slopes?? Take this class and get your body ready for the challenge!

Total Body Conditioning: Join us for a great interval training class using body weight, free weights, step and BOSU training techniques. This class blends resistance and cardio together for great results. Perfect for all levels of fitness and coordination. Join us Saturday mornings! 

TRX: Get toned and strong with this total body suspension workout equipment.

Upper Body Pump: Tone those arms, shoulders and back the right way. We will use everything from ressistance bands, dumb bells, barbells, bodyweight you name it.

Use it or Lose it Class: Full body workouts ment to maintain your strength and muscle tone. For all ages. It is a non impact class that utilizes a not only your body weight but also a variety of training equipment like machines, tubing, medicine balls and, dumbells and barbell.