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Fuerte's new secret weapon: Plyometrics with Jen Cinquemani

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For the last month, Fuerte's newest trainer and instructor Jen Cinquemani has rocked our world with her hour-long Plyometrics class on Sunday mornings, 9:30 - 10:30am.  The Fuerte members who have taken her class--once they were able to peel themselves off the floor and catch their breath--have given the class rave reviews.  We expect Plyometrics to soon become a Fuerte favorite, so reserve your spot in an upcoming class today!

Jen's Plyomentrics class involves arranged and repeated sets of plyometric exercises, often including medicine balls and partner work.  The class is designed to burn calories and improve overall strength, stamina, and coordination.

About Plyometrics:  plyometric exercises are specialized, high intensity training techniques used to develop athletic power (strength and speed). Plyometric training involves high-intensity, explosive muscular contractions that invoke the stretch reflex--stretching the muscle before it contracts so that it contracts with greater force. The most common plyometric exercises include hops, jumps, bounding movements, and explosive energetic excercises; for example: clap pushups, high knees, burpees, etc.  These exercises typically increase speed, strength, and coordination, and help build power.