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Monday, September 1st we will NOT be open due to holiday. We hope you have a safe and healthy weekend!

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This summer, we will be offering a day camp for kids that will take place each MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, and FRIDAY from 9am-12pm, beginning July 21. Each week will be $129 per child. Parents can drop their children off at Fuerte Fitness (1225 N. 45th Street. Seattle, WA 98103) and then use our facility to workout, or take the time to run errands, or just take a breather at a coffee shop.

       Call us at (206) 420-3142 or email us at if you have any questions or are interested in signing up!





1 MONTH MEMBERSHIP ($99 + tax)! Includes 24 hour access, Group Classes, and orientation with a personal trainer. 



"THE MORE THE MERRIER"! 4-week program: 1x/week @ $75/session. 2x/week @ $65/session, 3x/week @ $55/session. Save up to 35% off! 


Personal Training, Classes, Programs, and Memberships in a Unique Package!

 "Fuerte" means "strong" in Spanish. It takes a lot of strength and courage to make yourself a priority and schedule the time to work on youself everyday.  Fuerte Fitness was started in 2008 with the intention of reaching deeper into the community.

 Our goal is to teach you how to take an active role in self care and how to make it a life style. We can help you reinvigorate your love of health and fitness through personal training, classes, nutritional guidance, and community outreach.

We offer cooking classes, hiking trips, sporting events, running groups, fitness and special workshops as well. We realize everyone is different, so we make sure you get started with the right tools.

Our mission is to help our clients set realistic goals, succeed, and learn that fitness can be a fun and integral part of life. 

Fuerte Fitness is a fitness training studio and great local gym without the big box rigmarole. We're friendly and unintimidating, but we still mean business when it comes to your health. See what we're all about or stop by for a chat. We've got just what you need to get moving and to be fit.