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Tips and nutricio


1.     Escribe  que comes, utilizando una libreta o con un programa ex:

2.     Come cada 3 hours, dentro de tus calorias.

3.     Tienes que hacer ejercico por que si no haces ejercicio solo dietas eso te hace perder peso pero no cambia la forma de tu cuerpo y el ejercitarte ayuda a mantener tu musculo y ganar si no tienes.Eso quiere decir que estas flaca pero no forma

4.     Come combinando  proteina, carbohidratos, and grasa

5.     Come proteina y grasa antes del ejericio y proteina con carbohidratos despues de  ejercitarte durante los primeros 30 minutos despues del ejercicio es cuando los musculos absorben el glucogeno(glycogen). El glucogeno es lo que ayuda a recuperar los musculos y cuando se recuperan el proceso acelera tu metabolismo:quemas grasas y te de mas energia.

6.     Tienes que hacer pesas. Por que quando solo haces cardio quemas calories durnate ese tiempo y cuando levantas pesas quemas calories todo el dia. Porque el musculo quema hasta 60 calories por libra el dia y grasa no quema nada

7.     Tienes que lavantar pesas pesadas por que toma menos tiempo y menos peso tienes que haces mas.


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Tamale Making Class with Nancy

Tamales are a laborious love. They are delicious but a job for many people, hense, the reason why we make them during holiday season when you have more family in town. We have an assemly line going. I will post the recipe soon. We made them healthy and we made a variety. You can see by the ingredients: Instead of lard we used nutiva shortening which is organic fruite palm oil, red palm oil, and coconut oil. We made 3 batches so for the others, we used coconut oil, and a combo oil from Chosen Blend: organic safflower oir and a blend of Avocado and coconut oil (looser form).

 We made the traditional cheese and roasted chili (rajas and queso) and red chicken. Nancy brought an awesome vegan veggie one, which was delicious. We had moms and babies here. So as two pressed the masa, other filled and wrapped the tamales and I put them into the steamer pot. There is a tradition one only one person filling the pot, (sort of superstition, if more than one person does that part, they wont turn out). Our did! Great job ladies! Until next month's cooking class. Thank you Nancy for organizing.




New changes with Sofia and Fremont Health Club!

Fuerte has definately gone through some serious changes. Adriana here:

First, our new addition to the my little family in December: Sofia Cristina Cagan, who is, by the way, cutest baby in town:


And we have moved into Fremont Health Club, which happen in January while on maternity leave. Best decision made. Come see our beatiful space with plenty of natural lighting and views of the water. It's been great to train early and see the sunrise. To have great friendly front desk staff, be opened 24 hours and safe parking!

Look for our newsletter to come!


Will try to keep up post on our facebook page at


A month after moving! Life with Excellence Fitness


It's crazy to see how this place that took such a long to go up; commerical permits, plumbers, electicians, contractors... (4 months total), and yet torn down in just 3 days. We stayed open at our 45th Street location as long as possible, but with the perpetual noise complaints, loss of parking, and constant upward pressure on rent rent, we finally had to close down after almost 7 years in business.

Fuerte has changed over the years, actually now 14 years old... For those of you who don't know, Fuerte used to be "FunkeytoFitness" and was located in Capital Hill.  Prior to that, Adriana worked at 24hour Fitness in the downtown location, Kent, WA and Boise, ID, for three years as their fitness manager.  Now, we are here in the Wallingford location of Excellence Fitness with whom we partnered on June 1, 2015.

Our vision and mission, however, has not changed.  It is what keeps us motivated and passionate about what we do!

Vision: "My vision is always to empower individuals to take control of their health and fitness

Mission:“My mission is to get my community to take control and to play an active role over their bodies.  Starting with fundamentals of strength training to empowered them personally, and then to provide a community that will motivate individuals to continue their fintess outside the gym."

It has been one hell of a fun ride and this ride is always bringing me closer to what I want to do. I love working with people by support their health and fitness goals. I love seeing transformations and helping people find power over their lives. It's funny how much time we spend in our schooling, in our marriages and relationships, hobbies, and yet little time on our bodies and our relationship with it. We become disconnected at times. We want instant results without putting in the time. It took me 6 years of college before I figured that one out. That's when my life changed. I never grew up being fit or healthy. I had to work at it, against my genes, my culture and against my business schedule! But it changed my life. I got my BA in business administration, left a comfy job with benifits and a retirement plan to jump into something I was starting to love: Personal Fitness.

So what I have learned is:

When you change someones's life, they are forever grateful. (makes me want to cry). I have friends all over the world because of Fuerte Fitness. Having a membership doesn't ensure your fitness, you still have to work at it. Not everyone works as hard as the owner does. I've not only touched my clients lives but also those of their family and friends. You cannot pay me to make your skinny. A solid team makes everything easier. Don't trust every professional you hire.  Learn your systems and double check.  Fake it until you make it and then do the research. Don't take anything personally. Be kind and consistant, a smile changes any hard face! You can't please everyone all the time. Change is an opportunity to grow and expand. Everything does happen for a reason. You are never alone.  You, will always have a community where you build it! Surround yourself with people who beleive in you and your dreams. Get rid of the haters. Surround yourself by those that succeed and inspire you!

It was a great opportunity to partner at Excellence Fitness. Now my team can share responsibiities and I can focus on what I love do, train those who are serious about their health, speak about my journey, and help bring together a community that fosters health. I feel like I will have that opportunity here. I now have 13+ other fitness professionals to bounce ideas off, and also help them in their own business. My clients and members can be motivated by others that do differnt types of training. We are only going to expand! So look out for more news to come. I will try to get a newletter out at least once a quarter so be sure to stay on the mailing list.

Thank you Fuerte Community!



Meet our awesome member Liam!

This is Liam, one of our awesome members at Fuerte Fitness! He completed his health and fitness goal of a marathon this past Saturday at the Rock 'n Rock Seattle. His transformation started two years ago, as a seditary non active person and to now! It took dedication, accountability, and disicipline to accomplish what he did. He first started running on his own and then realized he need a little bit of help. Adriana, at Fuerte gave him some stretches and strength training exercise to balance out his body and help tighten his body as he lost more weight. At Fuerte Fitness, we focus on helping our members and clients to set and achieving their goals in health and fitness whether it is a fitness competition, marathon, keeping with up your kids or simply walking around the neighborhood with out huffing and puffing. We are here to help people find ways to make it happen. Liam was ready to change and was commitmented to do what it took. He says, "I have come so far, and I'm thankful to have Fuerte to help me keep going!" said Liam. We are so proud of you and happy to help you achieve your goals! Stay tuned for Liam's next journey.