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Meet Amber Arndt Fuerte's New Trainer/Instructor!


Amber has her Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science from the University of Puget Sound and her Master's in Public Health from A.T. Still Health Sciences University.  She has always been drawn to practices that challenge her mind-body awareness. She has been an avid outdoorswoman, enjoying activities such as rock climbing, kayaking, and mountaineering. Her passion for healthy living motivated her to work as a personal trainer, health behavior specialist, and yoga instructor. 

She believes that everyone can find a love and appreciation for exercise and healthy eating by exploring their options and finding their best fit. With her background in human physiology, she loves helping others to explore the body safely; with proper technique, emphasis on breath, and encouraging them to explore modifications and adjustments to find a way to challenge themselves both mentally and physically.

Amber will be teaching a new class HIIT! High Intensity Interval Training Fridays at 7am!


Adriana's "Spring Cleaning" Trip To Bali: 

Spring is always the season of bloom; it’s a time of rebirth. I guess that’s why I appreciate having four seasons. This winter was extra special to me. I reinvigorated my love for fitness in another form: Yoga. I had a great opportunity to do a yoga retreat in Bali this last month. It was quite refreshing to find that balance between strength and flexibility, between struggle and letting go, between what is pounding in my head when poses get hard, and the ease of letting go in my heart when I just surrendered and stopped trying so hard.

It has been almost two year since I did a side crow, and it happened on my last day at the Yoga Barn in Bali. My instructor, Murni, wouldn’t let it go until I did. It had been hard getting back into hand balancing of any activity since my surgery late 2013. But it’s time. I just had to travel almost 10,000 miles for it! But it’s what I’m working for so I just have to do it!

Bali was so refreshing for me in many ways. I got a chance to unplug and recharge my energy. I got a chance to focus on a department of fitness I hadn’t devoted a lot of time to even though I had been doing it for about 9 years. I traveled alone so I missed my family and they missed me. And most importantly it help me find that balance in life. I realized I had been working too much and so hard. They say in yoga, “when you have balance, you are powerful and grounded. When you lose balance you are thinking about it too much and get stuck in your head, literally.” That happens in life too. 

I got a chance to visit some of the world’s sacred temples and celebrate my birthday with early morning yoga, had a full moon, was purified in the holy springs of Tampak Siring (for 2hours since it was a hindu celabration).  I ate a great vegetarian meal and finished with a Tibetan gong meditation. It was very memorable.  It helped me really find that gratitude I was missing and allowed be to feel that connection with other people that were seeking the same thing, so the energy was great!

It’s funny how you can come from so many countries, backgrounds, and religion, yet you can share a sacred space called “self care”. It makes you a better member of your family and your community when you return to your normal life. That is what this spring will give us.

So my challenge during this season of spring, or break it down to one or two month or 40 days: How every you want to break it up so they can insure that you keep these new goals and you can measure them. I want to take out a habit and replace it with something else that better serves me. It can be small or big. The intention is to find out what I have been using to substituting for a well developed human spirit whose strength is bases upon a deep regard for one’s own self esteem, personal dignity, spiritual principles and self love.  We all have had to stuggle to find our inner road to self empowerment. I’ve had so do it when I was on my own at 14, when I left my families’ house, when and decided to leave a secure job to follow my passion. It happens about every 5 years so my habit is to give up some time and replace it with doing some of the challenging yoga poses: 20 mintues, 4 times a week. (Pincha, and twisting poses). I mostly did strength poses but I’m uncomfortable being on my elbows and loosening up my obliques and hip flexors. To sit still for 10 minutes a day in meditation. If you’re Catholic, you can use this time in Lent as your timeframe, but don’t just take a habit out replace it with something healthy. Whatever you believe, pull that into what you need to do for you this year. What’s it going to be?


As I begin to love myself...


February is usually a month for lovers but we forget to love ourselves. Treat yo’self! Take yourself out this Valentine’s Day by going out to eat, going to the gym, getting a new hair-do, or anything that makes you feel good about yourself. We have so much compassion for ourselves but we need to stop and think what we actually do for ourselves. I am devoting the entire year of 2015 to loving myself. Every year instead of a New Year’s resolution, I come up a yearly theme. The idea came from my sister Laura, who encouraged me to follow through with the goals that I made for myself. For the year 2015, the theme I chose was Love Yourself. It focuses on self-compassion which is to practice ways to make yourself healthy and happier. We all go through stress, bumps in the road, and simply feel defeated; this is why it is important to take care of yourself.

As a young adult in college, I am on a journey to find myself and to continue learning from my mistakes, for this reason I decided to treat myself as I want others to treat me. I constantly call myself “stupid” when I make I do something wrong or bad. We can all admit we forget to be gentle with ourselves and can be a bit harsh. For this reason, every week I write myself a little love note, treat myself to dinner or to new clothes, and find new ways to overcome fears. To keep me on track, I created a board on Pinterest with pins that are meaningful like quotes, images of goals, and examples of ways to love myself.

I had a relatable situation recently, where I had to realize my self-worth and respect myself. I was spending time with this guy for about five months, when I started to have feelings for him.  We enjoyed each other’s company by seeing each other very frequently until he reacted to his fear of commitment. He admitted that he did not feel the same way about me. I came by a blog about the “new side chick” which is basically a woman who confessed she wasted her time on a guy. After reading this, I still allowed myself to continue spending time with him even though I had this knowledge and ended up hurting myself. I realized that no matter what I did, it would never change how he feels about me. It sucks when you like someone who does not like you back. Now, I continue with self-compassion by not allowing myself to feel guilty about wasting my time and choosing to take some time to abandon these emotions I have with him. Make the smarter choice with yourself.

I also have a bigger goal in mind for the year which is to compete in a bikini competition in which Adriana Medina has been a great role model and mentor for me. As I started to go through training, my intended goal was to look good, turn heads, but as I continue this process I changed my mindset from wanting to look good to wanting to be strong especially when I out-lifted a male student at the IMA. I proved to myself how strong I am capable of and can be. This is another example of loving yourself as well as loving your body. I like to say my body is a masterpiece which I am creating. I will show off my hard work and dedication to my body at the end of June as I step on stage for the first time.

Have a great Valentine’s Day and remember to love yourself!

With love,

Anita I.


Link to the new side chick blog

Link to Pinterest Board


Meet Fuerte's Newest Team Member: Adriana Hernandez!

Born in Southern California, ADRIANA HERNANDEZ grew up in Tijuana, Mexico. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Cornish College of the Arts with a BFA in Dance in 2013. Her choreographic work has been presented through Velocity Dance Center's Bridge Project, Cornish College of the Arts, and Entropy Summer Jams. She has performed with Iyun Ashani Harrison, Mary Sheldon Scott, Anna Conner, and other artists in Seattle, San Diego, and Mexico. Currently, Adriana works as a Teaching Artist for Pacific Northwest Ballet’s Community Education Programs and with DancetoEvolve. As a teaching artist, Adriana aspires to create a captivating curriculum for all students. She leads students to be creative, collaborative, and find their artistic selves while still seeking technical proficiency and awareness of safe body mechanics.

She researches and experiments with movement through choreography and teaching dance.

Adriana will be tending to the Front Desk as well as  teaching a new movement based class with a focus on rhythm, coordination, and proprioception on Wednesdays at 6:30pm!


Happy New Year from Adriana! 

Happy New Year!
I must say I am glad to see 2014 go. I had such a rough year physically in 2014, but I 
am inspired to write down some of the things I would like to see happen in 2015. Maybe they will 
happen in the next 3 months, 6 month, or so on. Some of these I’m not in control 
of, but I know I can be closer this year.
I know some of you may not believe in new years 
resolutions but it has been, but it has been proven that of those people who do make 
new years resolutions (45%) 8% actually are successful! That's 2 of out 5 people making resolutions. 49% have 
infrequent successes, but  I have to say either way, that’s a pretty good chance. Let’s 
just think of them as goals, things you want to accomplish, feelings you want to have, 
things you want said about you, or just come closer or make it happen.
Some of my new year’s resolutions have been to get the best body I’ve ever had, 
graduating from college, living by myself, traveling outside the united states.  Fuerte 
Fitness was a new year’s resolution, so was competing nationally, marrying my best 
friend, financial freedom.  Now some of them haven’t happened yet like birthing a 
beautiful healthy baby or seeing my family reach their healthy bodies physically free 
of pain, going on a yoga retreat to some exotic place, turning out fitness videos, 
writing my memoir; but I have faith and I have worked on all of them.  
What are yours? It’s 
crazy to see the people in their twenties achieve theirs at a 39% where as people 
over 50 achieve theirs 14% rate. Why is that? Share your resolutions with us please! You can be 
anonymous. Let us help you with your physical fitness goals. Maybe to be a fit mom, 
to have confidence in your body image, to be pain free, to shop off the hangers, to get 
ready for your wedding… the possibilities are endless. 
It’s interesting to see what others are doing: