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I am so excited to be a part of the Fuerte Fitness team as a trainer! Here is a glimpse into who I am and my philosophy on health and fitness.


As someone who was an athlete in high school, earned a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science, works as a personal trainer, and coaches high school and middle school volleyball, it would be an understatement to say that I have acquired a lot of fitness and health information. Being an athlete in high school I learned about hard work, teamwork, and how to make changes to my skill execution. As an exercise science major I learned the names of nearly every muscle, bone, nerve, and blood vessel in the human body, as well as skills like how to biomechanically analyze a motion and determine what muscles are at work. Working as a personal trainer I learned (and continue to learn!) about modifying exercises for each individual and pushing someone past the limits they set for themselves while not pushing too far. As a volleyball coach I have been learning ways to teach young athletes never to give up or take short-cuts in their training. I have an abundance of both classroom and hands-on knowledge. If, however, I could share only one thing with you as a fitness professional, it would not be proper squat form or the perfectly balanced nutrition plan or the best exercises to stay in shape. It would be cultivating a powerful mindset, motivation, and will.


Proper exercise form, nutrition plan, and the right exercise plan to reach a fitness goal all have an important place in your fitness education. Without the motivation and the will to stick through a nutrition plan or to perform exercises correctly then that knowledge is meaningless. Vince Lombardi, legendary football coach of the Green Bay Packers, puts it best:


“The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will.” - Vince Lombardi


It is the mentality and will that I desire most (as a coach, a trainer, and a friend) to see in everyone regarding their fitness. Not having the right motivation or the will to succeed is the biggest obstacle I see in clients and players. I have trained with people  weekly working towards their fitness goal together, but they seem like they don’t want to be there or they tell me they failed to workout at all since I last saw them. I have trained with people for months that know what they need to be doing and how to do it, but appear to be in the same place as the first day I met them, solely due to a lack of will.


I have seen athletes on the volleyball court run half-heartedly toward a volleyball and let it fall just to say they “made an effort”; once a punishment is put in place though, they are magically able to chase down and make great plays off a ball 20 feet away from them. However, we cannot always rely on a punishment for adequate motivation, so finding that intrinsic motivation is essential, which is why it is my main focus (and biggest struggle) as a coach. Having a plan and a purpose in mind is essential when working towards a short or long-term fitness goal, but without the right mindset and motivation behind it to make you stick to it then the plan alone will not be enough to get you there. This is a lesson I learned early in life from my personal experience as an athlete:


As a freshman in high school walking into the gym for volleyball try-outs I was fairly confident in my ability to make the JV or at least the C team. I looked around the gym at my competition and knew I had the same amount of experience if not more as other freshman. Thinking back on those try-outs now, though, the only thing I remember is how devastated I was to be cut from the program. After I got over my shame and embarrassment a few days later, I realized I had two choices: to drop volleyball and pick a new sport or focus all my efforts on making the team next year. I chose the latter and, in my opinion, the tougher choice. I played volleyball every chance I got during that year: attending every camp my parents could get me to, playing on a club team, and passing balls in the backyard with my dad and sister after school. I walked into the gym as a sophomore for try-outs the following year not just wanting to make a team, but wanting to leave an impression. And I did just that. By the end of try-out week I was the sole sophomore on the varsity team. All of my hard work, my time, and my effort committed to volleyball over that past year paid off. It wasn’t just the hard work and the physical effort, it was my mindset, the motivation, and the will that truly pushed me to that place.

The best lessons from fitness and health revolve around the mindset and the will to succeed, to push past your limits, failures, and what you think is possible. With the right mindset, motivation, and will you can do it (whatever it is for you)!


Rachel Wenholz


Our Beginner Conditioning Class is A BLAST! 

Come try out our Beginner Conditioning Class on August 19th! We have fun and get a great workout with NO EXCUSES! 



What do our clients think of Semi-Private Training at Fuerte Fitness? 

Fuerte's Shanti G. weighs in on her experience working with Adriana for 8 weeks doing semi-private personal training. Her results showed just how hard she worked (and that smile in the after photo says it all...) Great job girl!



The 8-week session of semi-private training was just what I needed to kick myself into gear.  The best part was setting up healthy new habits of regular exercise and smarter eating.  The structure of the 3 early morning workouts a week helped create a new "normal" and making it through 24 sessions of waking up before dawn taught me that I really can do it regularly.  I never thought I would be able to wake up and work out so early, but it really does work for my schedule (I'm a working mom with young kids, and it's been hard to find time during the day/week).
I enjoyed the variety and toughness of the workouts, and I am amazed at how much muscle I gained in just 8 weeks!  Tracking workouts and food in the journal was helpful, though it was sometimes hard to stay on top of it.  Paying attention to food was a great piece for me; I knew what I should/shouldn't eat already, but the accountability of writing it down throughout the session helped me make better choices.  Adriana also offered good snack ideas so I could spread my calories out across more meals.  
Doing this as part of a group made it really fun; I felt more motivated and committed, as well as inspired by the awesome things the other folks were accomplishing.  It also set a faster pace than I would probably have done on my own, so I got more out of the hour-long workouts than I would have otherwise.  I highly recommend these sessions and would do this again!


Welcome Rachel Wenholz!

Let's give a warm welcome to Rachel Wenholz, our newest trainer! We are so excited to have Rachel on board at Fuerte Fitness and we hope you condier pursuing personal training with her. Read a little bit more about Rachel here:

Rachel has a B.S. in exercise science from the University of Puget Sound. She is a Certified Personal Trainer by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and is CPR and first aid certified. Additionally, she has a background in volleyball: playing both indoor and outdoor, and coaching at the high school and middle school levels. Rachel has experience working with individuals of all levels: young athletes and highly trained marines, to exercise beginners and people recovering from injuries. Rachel strives to educate people, whatever their current fitness level, on the health, fitness, and nutrition strategies that will help them meet their fitness goals.



Foods That Burn Belly Fat: A Guest Blog Post 

Foods that burn belly fat

Looking healthy and attractive is the need of the hour to day. No one can afford to look fat and no one wants to. There are so many ways of losing the extra weight that you have on like, exercising and dieting but, there are certain foods that we ignore, that can greatly help with weight loss.


Yep, you read that right. Certain foods have a high thermogenic effect and can help you burn calories and instead of put them on. Here's a list of foods that can help you burn that embarrassing belly fat:


  • Whole grains: Foods rich in fiber such as whole grains help you burn fat because they require lots of energy to be broken down by the body. Fiber also helps in cleaning out your digestive system making sure your digestive tract is clean and functioning well.
  • Cucumber: This is one of the most effective fat burning foods. Cucumbers contain 96% water and help flush harmful toxins out of your body. They have a very low calorie count and thus, keep you full for longer minus the extra fats so body doesn't accumulate any.
  • Green tea: Known for its many medicinal properties, green tea also helps to burn that unwanted fat. It contains a compound EGCG, that speeds up the rate of metabolism in your body thereby, helping you burn fat.
  • Lentils: Rich in iron, lentils tend to help us make up for iron deficiencies in the body. This helps because many people have iron deficiency. Lack of any nutrient in the body leads to slower metabolism, thereby, reducing your chances of burning that extra fat. Lentils make up for the lack of iron, helping the body to function normally.
  • Cayenne pepper: Cayenne contains capsaicin, which is what makes it spicy. Peppers heat up your body and therefore, make you lose calories. It also stimulates the digestive tract and promotes the production of more enzymes and gastric juices.
  • Berries: Rich in anti oxidants and low on calories, berries are your best and tastiest fat burning foods. Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries... Include them in your breakfast or blend them in with some yogurt and you're set to get that fat out of the way.
  • Watermelon: Another fruit that really aids fat burning because it contains 84% water and just the right amount of sugar to keep you going throughout the day but minus the annoying, extra fats.
  • Peanut butter: Definitely the best comfort food ever, which by the way, can help you burn fat. Eat only about two tablespoons a day and it can be very waist friendly. Exceed that amount though, and you might have a problem. Peanut butter does contain fats so the quantity matters!
  • Dairy products: Foods rich in calcium like milk, yogurt, cheese can help reduce fat build up. Your best bet is yogurt. You can mix berries or oats for breakfast.
  • Avocados: They contain mono-saturated fats and fiber, great for burning harmful fats. They are great to taste, and help to improve your skin too.


Including these foods in your daily diet can help you keep off unwanted calories and fat. Belly fat isn't attractive and getting rid of it can be quite hard of you are relying only on exercise. A mix of these healthy, fat burning foods and your daily exercise routine will help you get your toned tummy back faster. You'll never have to worry about having bland food to keep your body fit, ever again.



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