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Meet our awesome member Liam!

This is Liam, one of our awesome members at Fuerte Fitness! He completed his health and fitness goal of completing a marathon this past Saturday. His transformation started two years ago and look at him now! It took dedication, accountability, and disicipline to accomplish what he did. At Fuerte Fitness, we focus on helping our members and clients to achieving their realistic goals in health and fitness whether it is a show, marathon, or slimming down. We are here to help people like Liam who are ready to change and who will have the commitment it takes. "I have come so far, and I'm thankful to have Fuerte to help me keep going!" said Liam. We are so proud of you and happy to help you achieve your goals! Stay tuned for Liam's next journey.


We are Moving!

Fuerte Fitness and Excellence Fitness are now Partners!

After weeks of meeting with local gym and studio owners, we are proud to announce our new location. Beginning June 1st, Fuerte Fitness is partnering with Excellence Fitness in a brand new facility, located at 41st and Aurora Ave N.  A move of only five blocks from our current location with Parking Available!  We are also able to continue extending our memberships directly to you, our Fuerte Fitness Community. Our classes and semi-private training will move outside for the summer either at the turf area adjacent to the new facility or Wallingford Playfield, right nearby.  As those of you who have taken our bootcamp courses already know, its more fun to be outside anyway!  We are here to answer any questions you may have and can always reach us at  We look forward to you joining us at this new facility for those who will be keeping their membership with us  that includes the 24 hour access.
Though our physical location is transitioning and will be closed from May 27th to June 1st, Fuerte Fitness lives on!  Just like you, I am Fuerte!

Don't worry about it, just do it!

Adriana Medina Cagan


One Year at Fuerte for Anita

Happy Fuerte anniversary to Anita (me)!

I've been at Fuerte Fitness for one year. I actually came as a Groupon member for unlimited classes for a month because my doctor suggested a daily exercise routine. I never redeemed by Groupon until after I saw myself in pictures from an event I went to (the left side). As you can see, underage drinking and a fast food diet was getting to me although I weighed in about 104 pounds. I first took Morgan's flexibility class which I had some one on one time to talk about why I came to Fuerte fitness. I was very unhappy on how I look, lost myself after a harsh break up from my 3 1/2 year old relationship, and simply wanted to find myself. Let me remind you I had not exercise in over 2 years so the next class I jumped into totally kicked my booty! I was so sore and did not want to come back anymore. But I woke up that Saturday morning instead and told myself you paid for it, now do it.

Now after a year, I am one of the lead front desk assistants, competing in my first bikini competition for fitness hopefully next month. I've worked long and hard, this competition is so meaningful for me, I want to show up on stage with the confidence I have built by being here at Fuerte Fitness and to remind myself my commitment to my health and fitness. I am not saying it has been easy, I had to go through some obstacles. The first one was mentally, I had to tell myself "I can do this and that I have to be strong, yet stronger than I imagine". The next was and still is my diet. I either eat too little or too much of what I shouldn't eat. It was hard especially during the process I turned the legal of drinking. They let me enjoy my 21 run and all the fun stuff at that age only to show that my measurements would teach me the lesson of how alcohol affected my body.

So far I'm up to 115 pounds, able to push myself to lift heavy from 145 lbs on my squat, bench press at 65 lbs, and leg press 250 lbs. I have cut alcohol out and keep eating clean. It is still hard when your friends order pizza and go out for Wells Wednesday
because I am still a college student. Then I have Morgan Anderson my favorite person to give me pep talks to remind me of my goals. Thank you Morgan! Also, I owe a special thank you to Adriana, the proud owner of Fuerte Fitness for creating this community and giving me the opportunity to be on the Fuerte Team. I strive better with a big support from my peeps here at Fuerte Fitness.




Swap and Shop at Fuerte

On April 20, 2015 we hosted our semi-annual clothing exchange with Lorna Jane! As they showcased their fabulous line of Australian athletic clothing many members from the Wallingford community participated by bringing clothes to swap and ultimately donate to our local Assistance League of Seattle.  We host two events alike every year to give a chance to our community to get together and get to know one another with the interest of Fashion. Fuerte Fitness closes their gym for a few hours to allow this to happen to build a stronger bond with the community. Thank you all who attended and participated. Cannot wait until our next one!



Winner of Aprils' Challenge 



The Ultimate Plank Off

For weeks here at Fuerte Fitness we had our members participate in our monthly challenge for April. Each class began by doing a simple plank and our members tried to hold it for as long as they could. They brought it together as a community and cheered on each other as they passed their personal goal. By the last week, it was neck and neck and the title of Ultimate Plank Off Winner was between Darrell Martin and Chris Watts.

Sometimes we need a little bit of competition or rivalry to get motivated and accomplish goals. Last year Darrell was our winner at 9 minutes for his plank but Chris was getting closer with every try. Chris had a Plank Off journey he went from starting at 4 minutes to slowly holding on for 8 minutes. The last three days Darrell came in to try to dominate the competition with his 12 minutes and 12 seconds plank. At the very last day Chris came in and had the whole gym cheering him on for holding on for 12 minutes and 26 seconds!!!

Here at Fuerte Fitness we are full of encouragement and a community. Well luckily for Chris he won some Mariners Tickets for his strong core and dedication to win this plank off!

Runner up was Darrell who held it for a time of 12.13.10, third place was Alex at 7minutes and 5 seconds, and fourth place was Nicole who did it for 6.53.01.