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Meet Fuerte's Newest Team Member: Adriana Hernandez!

Born in Southern California, ADRIANA HERNANDEZ grew up in Tijuana, Mexico. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Cornish College of the Arts with a BFA in Dance in 2013. Her choreographic work has been presented through Velocity Dance Center's Bridge Project, Cornish College of the Arts, and Entropy Summer Jams. She has performed with Iyun Ashani Harrison, Mary Sheldon Scott, Anna Conner, and other artists in Seattle, San Diego, and Mexico. Currently, Adriana works as a Teaching Artist for Pacific Northwest Ballet’s Community Education Programs and with DancetoEvolve. As a teaching artist, Adriana aspires to create a captivating curriculum for all students. She leads students to be creative, collaborative, and find their artistic selves while still seeking technical proficiency and awareness of safe body mechanics.

She researches and experiments with movement through choreography and teaching dance.

Adriana will be tending to the Front Desk as well as  teaching a new movement based class with a focus on rhythm, coordination, and proprioception on Wednesdays at 6:30pm!


Happy New Year from Adriana! 

Happy New Year!
I must say I am glad to see 2014 go. I had such a rough year physically in 2014, but I 
am inspired to write down some of the things I would like to see happen in 2015. Maybe they will 
happen in the next 3 months, 6 month, or so on. Some of these I’m not in control 
of, but I know I can be closer this year.
I know some of you may not believe in new years 
resolutions but it has been, but it has been proven that of those people who do make 
new years resolutions (45%) 8% actually are successful! That's 2 of out 5 people making resolutions. 49% have 
infrequent successes, but  I have to say either way, that’s a pretty good chance. Let’s 
just think of them as goals, things you want to accomplish, feelings you want to have, 
things you want said about you, or just come closer or make it happen.
Some of my new year’s resolutions have been to get the best body I’ve ever had, 
graduating from college, living by myself, traveling outside the united states.  Fuerte 
Fitness was a new year’s resolution, so was competing nationally, marrying my best 
friend, financial freedom.  Now some of them haven’t happened yet like birthing a 
beautiful healthy baby or seeing my family reach their healthy bodies physically free 
of pain, going on a yoga retreat to some exotic place, turning out fitness videos, 
writing my memoir; but I have faith and I have worked on all of them.  
What are yours? It’s 
crazy to see the people in their twenties achieve theirs at a 39% where as people 
over 50 achieve theirs 14% rate. Why is that? Share your resolutions with us please! You can be 
anonymous. Let us help you with your physical fitness goals. Maybe to be a fit mom, 
to have confidence in your body image, to be pain free, to shop off the hangers, to get 
ready for your wedding… the possibilities are endless. 
It’s interesting to see what others are doing:



Workout of the Month! 

From Fuerte Fitness trainer Rachel Wenholz! 




Client Success Story: Sudha

I have worked with Adriana through Fuerte Fitness for a number of years. With Adriana's coaching and support I went from having little clue about how to lift weights, proper form, and conditioning to being a strong, athletic woman with muscle. In the last four years, I've worked to take control of my health and fitness despite years of struggling with an autoimmune thyroid issue. With Adriana's support I was able to focus on consistency in training and gain muscle which improved my energy and allowed me to support a more active lifestyle. The positive feedback loop means that my thyroid issues no longer dictate my health or my fitness goals. I was able to shift towards this healthy lifestyle while maintaining a high pressure campaign job with incredibly long hours. When it felt like too much, Adriana was there along the way to encourage me and help me stay focused. As a result, I have dropped a significant amount of body fat while gaining muscle mass. Last year I signed up for my first athletic event as a runner with Adriana on a Ragnar Relay team. Earlier in 2014, I transitioned off of training regularly with Adriana and it's been especially gratifying to be able to take everything I've learned from her on strength training and conditioning, combine it with a consistent approach to nutrition and continue to see results. With Adriana I got the training foundation I need to be able to maintain this lifestyle for the long term. Now, I'm prepping for my first NPC bikini fitness competition and I'm excited to be part of the Fuerte Team as I take my fitness to a whole new level on the stage. Thanks Adriana and Fuerte Fitness for all you do to support healthy lifestyles and communities!

You can follow me and my fitness journey on Instagram @dancingbirdsn 

-Sudha Nandagopal Fall 2014


Adriana's Talk at the Renton Technical College

This weekend I spoke at the Renton technical college in a panel setting. There were young professionals as well as students interested in why and how we started our business. There were four of us: from online to a multi million dollar company. This opportunity really helped me think of the business and why I started it.

Most of you have been with me for a long time. I have seen your children grow up and you have seen me go from a single, young know it trainer to a store front business owner, to a wife and bonus mother! Now I'd really love to hear from you: have we accomplished the following?

Vision; My vision is always to empower individuals to take control of their health/fitness.

Mission: My mission is to get everyone to take and play an active role in self care of their bodies. We start with providing fundamentals of strength training as it relates to you! We have a community that will motivate you to continue in and out of the gym.

Here were some if the questions asked:

§  What inspired you to start a business? It was the most natural thing. I had been working for the company I was at for 3 yrs and I saw no movement. I loved the industry I was in, but hated the company.

I had talked about my dreams with my clients, because they became my friends and they supported me by holding my feet to the fire!. One was about to re-sign and ask me who was she going to re-sign with: me or the current company? That was the push I needed.

§  How did you know this business was right for you? I wanted to serve, support encourage and empower people and my career offers that at many stages of our lives: Weddings, divorces, marriages, healthy moms, after Physical therapy for an injury, or simply to have more energy. I started later in life and I feel like I can relate more to people because of it. It was the natural thing to move into.

§  What is your definition of success? To be able to do want you love to do for the majority of your day. To be able to lay your head on your pillow at night knowing I'm doing my part. To have enough time to spend with your loved one and lend a hand.

§  Did you have a mentor or someone who influenced you? Always. I was always blessed in different stages of my life to have some who took me by the hand. I just had to ask for help, social workers, teachers, people in the career I wanted to be in. To coworkers to marketing directors. Like Miekos' Whitney Keys. ;)

§  Have you had to adapt and change in any way due to the economy?  Yes, i opended during a recession so I offered classes for free for a membership. Programs.

§  If you could start your business all over again, what is one thing you would you do differently? Get a partner I can trust who is better in one department, business management, employee management, or personal training director.

§  What tip do you have for someone starting a business? Take someone who you admire in that business out and ask lots of questions. Start small, you can always grow.
I learned that I have to refine my niche and looking at Business Plan monthly and try different ways to hit your goals.